1st Call for Paper

Program Timelines

Abstract Submission

16 August 2021

Abstract Announcement

30 August 2021

Submission of Full Paper

20 September 2021

Announcement of Full Paper

7 October 2021


Journal of GeoEngineering - Q3 (selected papers)

Journal of Civil Engineering Forum - SINTA 2 (selected papers)

Conference Proceeding

Selected paper, free of charge, with the writing format adjusted following the publisher's journal format

Conference Topics

Ground subduction and sea-water intrusion

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Hazard

Soil Improvement

Geotechnical Engineering for Dams

Trenches Technology for Urban Development

Foundation and Its Problem

Deep Excavation, Basement, and Tunnel

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Sedimentary and Residual Soils

Bio-Geotechnical Engineering

Geo-Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Instrumentation and Laboratory Testing

Artificial Intelligence AI

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